Footwear sourcing specialists.
Product first.

Footwear sourcing specialists.

Mens, Women’s and Children’s global sourcing company.
Phoenix Footwear connect customers with factories in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, India Brazil, Portugal and Turkey.
We provide a complete design and production management service from original concept to bulk shipping.

Product first.

Working with you to develop product that reflects the look and feel of your brand.


Transparency throughout the process. We provide a clear dialogue and fast response times from first design to final shipment.


Whether starting with a blank piece of paper or re-sourcing your existing product for duty, territory or price advantage, we can help.

Above all we want all of your styles to be best sellers and we design with that purpose.

Shoe Development
Footwear supplier solutions


Whether you are looking for solutions to your multi store group or developing a footwear offer for your online clothing brand, we can help.

Over the last 30 years within the footwear industry we have developed a global network.

We join the dots;


We map your process and combine it with our best practice.

Our transparency provides full visibility of your order.

A. Seasonal Development
B. Customer Selection
C. Contract Processing
D. Pre-Production
E. Production
F. Shipment Processing
G. Invoicing & Payment

Quality and Compliance.

We underwrite quality bulk production.

We facilitate Ethical and Technical factory compliance.

We meet all chemical legislation.


We would love to get involved in your project.

Please get in touch to start collaborating!